Be Thrilled with The Hunger Games

Hunger GamesIf there is one movie in 2012 that can hold you on your seats, gasp for breath, or move with tears, it would have to be The Hunger Games led by Jennifer Lawrence as the fiery, beautiful, and totally no-girly girl 16 year old Katniss Everdeen. Technically, the movie is neither for people who suck for romance nor for those who love adventures. It showcases both plots, sending movie lovers to ecstasy, particularly that Jennifer Lawrence nailed her roles very well.

The movie welcomes you to Everdeen’s humble abode as she sings lullaby to her younger sister, Primrose. She then strode to the forest, prepared to kill the biggest deer her arrows can land on. Complete with an all-black outfit and finished with a pair of tall boots, she was definitely in for the kill. However, Liam Hemsworth, her love interest in the movie, is up for something good, and that’s having a quality time with her. The opening scenes let you take a peek to the Katniss’ serene and beautiful life until the lottery was made when the representative for her district started picking names. Upon hearing her sister’s name being called, she immediately stood up to take the place of her sister instead, knowing how horrible The Hunger Games could be. While all she could think of was to free her sister from the harm of the event, the other community members could think of the bravery she showed.

Basically, The Hunger Games was a science fiction created by Suzanne Collins in 2008 with Panem as the main location. Hunger Games is an annual activity set by the Metropolis as it has full authority of the entire nation with regards to its political control. The event is a battle to death as 12-18 years old, one boy and one girl, represent their district. They are then set to the wilderness and it is up to them as to how they could fight for their lives. They are given bags filled with ropes, knives, bows and arrows, and practically just about anything sharp and stringy to keep them alive. However, they have to kill each other in order to survive, which puts a stingy twist to it.

In the movie, you can bet that Jennifer, along with the other cast, is creating masterpieces that moviegoers would definitely love and would never forget. Filled with tricky scenes, fights, and conflicts that will certainly remain in your memory even after the movie, the Hunger Games portrays the realities in life. Without friends and loved ones, the chances for survival can be slim, just like the sponsors during the Hunger Games.

The Notebook

The Notebook

I am neither a self-confessed hopeless romantic nor a sucker for romance, but I must admit that I am still not so over with The Notebook, particularly today that it is Hearts Day. Yes, you read it right and you’re probably laughing at it because that movie happened almost a decade ago and tons of romantic movies were already released. For one, we have The Vow, in which Rachel Mc Adams portrayed her award winning role in one of Sparks’ bestselling novels again, so why made a fuss with a movie that’s oh-so-ancient? Let me tell in a few ways.

The story is truly romantic and it sends you in giggles even with whatever age you are in. Can you still remember the time when you danced in the park or had been ambushed by some conceited guy in a ferries wheel? Don’t you think that’s romantic and sweet? After all, the movie was set in 1940’s before the Third World War. Roses, social network romances, text messages, and many other sweet nothings sent thru electronic gadgets are some of the ways being used by guys these days to woo women, which I think are easy way out or lazy tactics to be with someone. I find such means as effortless while the conventional way as hopeful and dreamy. I am already born in the computer era, but I still strongly believe that electronics cannot be able to give everything to us and that includes real love.

It’s a movie that defines marriage. Yes, there are probably gazillions of movies that define marriage, but not as rock solid as this one. Noah never left his wife alone in the home for the aged despite her not recognizing him already due to dementia. Noah also has his own physical woes due to his age, yet the fact that his wife is waiting for him in the garden every single day to listen to his story from the notebook gives him hope that someday she can finally be able to recognize him as her husband. Gladly, the notebook did not fail him because, in the end, they died together, holding hands, which is what marriage is all about, right? The movie did not end with the married individuals going separate ways like what divorced couples do.

Finally, the movie shows all of us that we are all worth of real love. Whether we are born with a silver spoon or born from a rural family, we are always worth of true love. So for this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate our own love story.

Hollywood Celebrities’ Hobbies

celebritieshobbiesCelebrities can be weird and strange, but they can also be fascinating and influential. Well, these don’t only apply to their fashion sense, but also to their chosen hobbies. For one, Angelina Jolie collected a few drops of her first hubby’s blood and wore it as a necklace. If you think that’s weird, be shocked even more when Johnny Depp found himself playing with Barbie as one of his hobbies, of course, when he’s with his kids. Nevertheless, whatever hobbies these celebs have, they always influence a lot of regular folks. Hence, when photos of Tom Cruise and other A-listers in their beloved motorcycles and dirt bikes surfaced online, riders can’t help, but think, that they are, in some way, related to these hunks. Well, at least in celebrities’ hobbies. Here’s a rundown of some of the guys in Hollywood who love to be in their dirt bikes:

Brad Pitt – His love for vintage and customized vintage bikes has been obvious whether he is in New Orleans or in Los Angeles. Caught by photographers in one of his babies, a Jesse Rooke work, Brad Pitt looked every bit confident in one of his collections.

Ewan McGregor – Just like Pitt, Ewan is also a fan of anything vintage and customized like his restored Moto Guzzi 750 Ambassador. The Moulin Rouge hunk also made documentaries for budget motorcycles.

Adam Levine – This Maroon 5 band member is a lover of low, heavyweight, and dark motorcycles including a $15,000 Harley Davidson Dark Customs Fat Bob. With his charm and poise, every girl would always dream to hop on Adam’s Harley anytime.

George Clooney – With gorgeous girlfriend Stacy Keibler in the backseat, George is set to take the cool award as he maneuver in his shiny Road King Classic.

Dean McDermott – We all know what Tori Spelling’s spouse had gone through for the past few months from dirt biking. Dirt bikes are one of his top favorite hobbies and though he’s received numerous hospitalizations last few years, his latest accident, which almost cost his life, was too much to handle already as he finally decided to stop the hobby for good.

Tom Cruise – Finally, the list isn’t complete without the Mission Impossible star. His love for dirt biking and bikes have been shown in his previous movies like the Mission Impossible installments and the Knight and Day movie with Cameron Diaz.

Apparently, dirt biking or bike riding are one of the male celebrities’ greatest diversions before or after shooting. This hobby has helped them look cooler and more dashing. On the one hand, if you are shopping for dirt bikes or just plain bikes, it is necessary to buy from trustworthy companies like Always check for the manufacturer and the quality of the vehicle before paying anything to ensure your safety and fun.

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana Breaks Up Again

SL0019_500pxHollywood movie stars Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana are allegedly commencing the year 2013 as single.

According to reports from The New York Post, the silver screen couple has broken up for the second time around. They are said to call it quits just before the holiday season, which they had allegedly intended to devote together.

A source tells that Zoe initially planned to spend the holidays with his ex-boyfriend Bradley as well as with his family in Europe. All of them were planned to go to Paris, but apparently, things did not eventually work out for both celebrities. Zoe decided to spend the Eve of New Year with her friends in Miami.

Another source says that Zoe did not appear to be upset about her breakup with Bradley as she spent her New Year’s Eve with friends in Miami. The source continued that if ever Zoe was truly upset, she definitely did not show it.

Bradley, now 37 years old and Zoe, 34 years of age, first broke up in March of the previous year, but they decided to rekindle the flame in September of the same year.

The relationship of both award-winning movie stars began when they worked together in the 2012 film, “The Words.”



Breaking Dawn Part 1

In the movie Breaking Dawn Part I, Bella Swan got married to Edward Cullen in what appeared to be one of the sheath wedding dresses that are currently trending. In this movie, their newfound happiness was put on halt when an array of misfortune and trouble came their way, threatening to destroy them.
Just after they got married, the couple packed their bags to head for Rio de Janeiro for a romantic getaway. At this point, they have finally given in to their immense compassion to each other which caused Bella to conceive a child. Because of complications, Bella almost died during childbirth wherein Edward decided saved hser by turning her into a vampire.
Then Renesmee, their daughter, came to be. Little did they know that Renesmee’s birth would trigger a terrifying and dangerous change of events. The Cullens and their comrades didn’t have any choice but to fight against the Volturi, initiating a warfare greater than any of them have imagined.
Bill Condon was the director for both Breaking Dawn Part I and Part II. He managed to bring together a remarkable creative team that made the Twilight Finale a huge success. It was quite challenging to live up to the expectations of the Twilight fans but in the end, they have managed to pull off a project of great magnitude. Both were box office hits, as expected, and were quite profitable. Surely they have made back their production cost a couple of times over – not bad!
Twilight fans were very much pleased with the result, leaving them asking for more. Although critics are inevitable, safe to say, both movies have achieved their goal and the message has been successfully sent across. I’m sure Stephanie Meyer was also happy on how it turned out. What’s important is that they were able to give the public a chance to experience the remarkable trilogy on the big screen.

Janusz Kaminski

Oscar Award-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski has taken the art of cinematography well beyond the mechanical act of capturing an image on film.

Born in Poland, Janusz moved to the US in his early twenties and went on to graduate from The American Film Institute. He made his way through second unit work on modest features before capturing the attention of Steven Spielberg with his cinematography on The Adventures of Huck Finn. This led to an initial collaboration between the two on a Civil War TV pilot.

Janusz made his mark in feature films through the stark realism he evoked in the Spielberg Holocaust drama Schindler’s List and the masterful detail and innovation he displayed in the World War II epic Saving Private Ryan. Janusz’s work with Spielberg also includes The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Amistad.

In addition to his numerous awards for cinematography, Janusz has a director’s credit for the full-length feature, Lost Souls; a psychological thriller starring Winona Ryder.

Fernando Arrioja

Fernando’s love of film began years ago, when as a boy in Mexico, his grandmother gave him a rusted old camera. He quickly sensed the stories hidden in seemingly innocuous objects: the flip of a collar, the ring on a finger, the lift in an upper lip. Fernando believes that focusing on simple objects like these allow their eloquent voices to shape a narrative in the most powerful of ways.

After studying film at the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California, Fernando caught the eye of production companies around North America with his experimental techniques and cinematic, lush images. His career as a commercial director began.

His work includes spots for Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Gatorade and Sony. He was named best new director at the Marketing Awards in Canada and has won best director at the ANP (National Association of Advertising) awards.

Tender Mercies

I HAD HIGH hopes for 1918, written by Horton Foote, the scenarist of, among other films, the wonderful Tender Mercies. This movie, however, is a well-intentioned but unmitigated bore, as only something based on a group of plays about one’s own nice, dull family by a nice, sentimentalizing playwright can be. And here there was no Bruce Beresford to direct, only a certain Ken Harrison; moreover, in Tender Mercies Foote had to create his characters and story; here he had a ready-made one that neither Marcel Duchamp nor even the cat would have dragged in–only a tenderhearted, nostalgically reminiscing scion.

We are in the small Texas town of Harrison, where the local yokels drill clownishly in front of the town hall on the unlikely chance of fighting in France, where their betters are already beginning to fall. Horace (William Converse-Roberts) has a tailoring and dry-cleaning establishment, but because of his wife, Lizzie (Hallie Foote, the author’s daughter), and their baby girl, he won’t enlist, his rich, gung-ho father-in-law’s urgings to the contrary. Lizzie’s younger brother, Brother (sic), is, on the contrary, spoiling to go off to war. A college dropout at 17, he spends most of his time at the nickelodeon devouring jingoistic war films when not incurring gambling debts or impregnating the odd girl. He is also a great purveyor of war news and local gossip, which, in these days of the Spanish-flu epidemic, comes down to who has just sickened or died.

1918 is one part gently bittersweet family conflicts; one part war hysteria as seen through the distancing and miniaturizing end of the telescope; one part involuntary parody, as messengers keep coming to announce the death of yet another person we neither know nor care about; and several parts sweet affirmation of life. For Lizzie, who lost her baby to the flu when both Horace and she came down with it, is happily pregnant again, and both the war and the epidemic are over, and so, best news of all, is the film, after 91 interminable-seeming minutes. For 1918 is, first of all, evasive, showing little or nothing of the horrors of actual illness, but without finding a stirringly poetic equivalent for it, as Katherine Anne Porter did in her novella Pale Horse, Pale Rider. Second, it is uncinematic, in that even the rare outdoor sequences have a static, stagy look about them, as if they had been shot in a penurious studio, although, in fact, the film was made in Waxahachie, where most of the recent movies about lonesomeness in the Lone Star were shot, and which threatens to become a Disneyland for nostalgic filmmakers.

Third, and fatal, there is nothing new about this film–not a single revelation that makes these people worth recording at length, no epiphany of any sort. It may still be possible to get away with a slice of life, but you have to be extremely careful where you slice it: There is precious little ordinary life–whether of the 1985 or the 1918 variety–that hasn’t already been sliced to the bone. The acting in 1918 doesn’t add much either. Hallie Foote is too bovinely placid to convey inner turmoil; Converse-Roberts, conversely, looks and acts, somehow, too thin, too boyish to suggest a husband to this hefty woman. As Brother, Matthew Broderick is, as usual, full of spunk, but also, alas, full of himself. The best work in the film comes from Rochelle Oliver as Lizzie’s mother–hers is the only performance that gives off more than the writing and directing provide.